All the Facts You Need to Know about Narwhals.

Narwhals are big aquatic mammals in the ocean. They are about the size of a school bus. They have a misplaced tooth that sticks out of a hole in the left side of their mouth.Most people commonly mistake this as a horn. It is really made out of Ivory. They eat shrimp and krill. A group of Narwhals is called a pod ( it should really be called an awesome.) They are closely related to Dolphins and Manatees. They are an endangered species. They live in the arctic circle. They travel in groups of about 20 Narwhals. A lot of people call them Nar-Whales but are pronounced Nar-Walls. The reason they are endangered is because of global warming move ice that encloses them in small areas where there is no food. The misplaced tooth is pretty much a Bundle of Nerves (See the 2nd and 3rd videos for more info). They are amazing creatures.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

My favorite and least favorite movies


My favorite movie is Avatar. It was directed by James Cameron. I like it because it is like Halo in a way. It is about Jake Sulley whose brother died and he has to take his job. He is paralyzed in a way so he can not use his feet. So he has to go into another body and convince theses tribes to give up there land so they can get there precious metals. Well, he fell in love with a girl and the tribe and is wanting to help them instead of the people. It is very good and you should see it. 

 My least favorite is Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was directed by Wes Anderson. It is a confusing story of a fox that illegally does his old job and get his family in trouble. I know, confusing. I think you should see it just because of it's graphics because it has cool claymation. 


  1. Avatar was awesome! Good choice :)

  2. I liked Avatar better when it was called "The Last of the Mahicans"