All the Facts You Need to Know about Narwhals.

Narwhals are big aquatic mammals in the ocean. They are about the size of a school bus. They have a misplaced tooth that sticks out of a hole in the left side of their mouth.Most people commonly mistake this as a horn. It is really made out of Ivory. They eat shrimp and krill. A group of Narwhals is called a pod ( it should really be called an awesome.) They are closely related to Dolphins and Manatees. They are an endangered species. They live in the arctic circle. They travel in groups of about 20 Narwhals. A lot of people call them Nar-Whales but are pronounced Nar-Walls. The reason they are endangered is because of global warming move ice that encloses them in small areas where there is no food. The misplaced tooth is pretty much a Bundle of Nerves (See the 2nd and 3rd videos for more info). They are amazing creatures.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Washington. =D

      In this blog post I am going to talk about Washington. Washington is of my favorite places. There is o much to do there. My favorite stuff is to go kayaking, fish, and use my bike. I also have a whole bunch of friends up there. I am so happy that ill be going back. ^_^

I will love to go kayaking. Kayaking is one of the best things to do outside. It is also one of the best things to do out on the water. I love the feeling of it. It feels good when you paddle fast and you feel the ocean wind in your face. I haven't tried it but my dad went fishing in a kayak. I would like to try it even though it would be difficult.

The second thing I would like to do while I am there is to go fishing. I would like to catch for the first time a Salmon. all the times I want fishing i tried to get a salmon, but I haven't ever caught one. I have caught Sculpin and Cod. I know it is sad but i haven't fished much.

The other thing I would like to do is ride my bike. I love to ride my bike in Washington because it has perfect weather and perfect routes. I love bicycling in my driveway. I has a hill and a turn around. You could go for hours on this thing that's how fun it is.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Restaurants I Suggest.

The first restaurant I suggest is Morton's.  Morton's has the best stake ever. I usually get the double cut Fillet Mignon. They also have some of the best Souffles. They come in raspberry, lemon and chocolate.  They are soooooo good =P. Morton's has a unique menu. They actually show you the food. They also age their steaks. Aged steaks taste 100x better than regular steak.

The second restaurant I would suggest is Fogo De Chao. It is a Brazilian steakhouse and is not very common. They have amazing steak there and has plenty of it. It is like an infinite steak house. You have a card next to your plate that tell when you want steak. One side is green the other is red. when you flip it for steak people swarm to you like mold on a shower curtain. They each have a type of steak and you can choose what steak you want and how much. Picanha is my favorite. It is also the signature steak.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I feel is a Perfect Day

I love to do activities on nice sunny days. I do not like to do much on rainy days though. First thing I would do on a nice day is Take a shower. Nothing wakes me up more than a blistering hot shower. then I would go down stairs to eat breakfast. My breakfast usually depends on my mood. Then I would stay down stairs and watch t.v. until the show is over.

Then I would go back up stairs and play on my laptop. I would most likely play Minecraft. Minecraft is a quite fun game that is a 3d game that is a building game. You can build what you want and Kill what ever. Than I would go back down stairs and eat Lunch. I am on a streak of eating Microwavable Pizza. It has been like 3 strait months!

Then I would go back upstairs and play on my laptop yet again. I would usually play minecraft for that whole time or I would play xbox or something else. It really all depends on my mood. Then I might take a nap. Usually I would take a nap for about 30 minutes. Then I would get up and get dressed into Karate clothes. I take Tae Kwon Doe.

After an hour of pure pain I would comeback home and have supper. after supper i would go up stairs and get in a few extra winks of game before going to bed. Then I would wake up to do it all over again.

Thanks for Reading! =U

Monday, January 24, 2011

Smells I like and Dislike.

I Really, Really, Really ( ect. ) hate the smell of Vinegar. That is the worst smell ever. It makes me cry just to smell it. I also hate the smell of garbage when you open the lid to the trash can.

I like the smell of strawberry jello. I also like the smell of Cheeseburgers. I love the smell of any meats. I also like the smell of cooking onions. I like the smell of the woods. I and also like the smell of vanilla.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Most Exciting Rides I Have Ever Been On

I love amusement parks. My favorite kind of ride is a roller coaster. The most intense park I have been to is Canada's Wonderland. They are a home to some of the most scary looking ride I have ever seen.

The most exciting ride I've been on is the Behemoth in Canada's Wonderland. It goes over 100 miles per hour for the whole ride. But the best part is it does a 91ยบ drop. It has two insane turns that jerk your head off your shoulders. But it is fun ( but don't eat anything big before you ride or you might barf =D.)

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Book

If i were to write a book ( which is not going to happen ) then i would have many topics to write about. I Would maybe write about Chuck Norris facts. Or I might write about Narwhals. I might want to write on Cats.

I could write on baseball. I could talk about my experience or the rules. I could write a Sci-Fi novel. Maybe I could talk about how to write a book.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uses for Ice Cubes.

  1. Chilling Beverages.
  2. Projectiles
  3. To cool down soup.
  4. Let it sit in your mouth for a long time for a drink.
  5. To play with.
  6.  To suck on for a snack.
  7. To slip on it for fun.
  8. Melt it as fast as you can for fun
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Games You Can Play with 3 People.

You can play Uno. You could play Clue. You could play Rock Paper Scissors. You could play inka inka bottle of ink. You could play the new Mario Bros.

You could play Halo ( or any online games for that matter). You could play ninja fighters. You could play wheel of fortune. You could play colors.

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Things I Share With my Best Friend.

Me and my best friend (Jacob Emnett). We both enjoy acting. We are both random. If we were in food court then we would both choose chocolate.

We both like the Percy Jackson Series. We both have brown hair. We both like Halo. We both like to be random at random.

 Thanks for Reading! 8D

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I like cars (not as much as my brother though.) Cars can be pretty cool. I think the thought of metal moving 120 mph is kind of weird though. I also think that society today couldn't move without cars.

My favorite car is Bugatti Veron. It can go up to 248 Mph. That is insane. I heard that they have a special key that lets you go faster than that. I would love to have that key.

Thank you for reading. 8:(|) (monkey face!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comic Books.

I dislike comic books. They are terrible. I think some are good, but most suck. I like Bobobobo( or however you spell it.) because it is quite funny. I don't like Naruto. It is just ...... lame.

Some books can be quite entertaining. Like the green lantern books. I like most superman. But for the most time I like Bobobobo. It cant be beat. I like reading the same one over and over again.

Thank You for Reading! 8D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

¡Frozen Food! =D

First, let me thank you again for reading yet another blog post. This blog post I am going to talk about Frozen Food. I love frozen food. I have It almost everyday for lunch. But a lot of people could disagree with that.

My favorite type of Frozen Food is Digiorno Pizza. It tastes just like fresh pizza ( well maybe a little different ). I usually have it for lunch. But there are some other good frozen food.

Another frozen food I like is the Burritos and Taquitos. They taste amazing. I like the toquitos a little better because I don't like all the stuff inside the burritos. I also like frozen Pasta. my favorite type is the rigatoni and sauce because I am a plain kind of guy

Thank you for Reading! =D

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Favorite Types of Ice Cream.

I have to say Ice Cream is some of the best stuff on Earth. Whoever invented it was brilliant. My favorite flavor of Ice Cream is Triple Carmel Chunk from Ben and Jerry's. It's the bomb!

It is Vanilla Ice Cream, mixed with melted Caramel and hard Caramel( =D ). Then you put two scoops of that on a fresh Waffle Cone. Next you put even more MELTED CARAMEL!!! Then you scarf it down like it going out of style.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Uses of a Potato

  1. You could make Mashed Potatoes.
  2. You could make Baked Potatoes.
  3. You could use it as a Lethal Weapon (Gag someone).
  4. Use it as a projectile.
  5. You could Peel a potato in your spare time. 
  6. You could play Baseball with it.
  7. It could be used for energy.
  8. It can be used for feeding mealworms.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to make my Favorite Sandwich

  1. First get a hoagie roll or any type of sandwich bread ( I prefer hoagie roll best.)
  2. Then you get out the sharp Cheddar cheese.
  3. Put 2 slices on both pieces of bread.
  4. Then put 3 pieces of Roast Beef on one side of the bread.
  5. Next put 3 slices of Ham on the other piece of bread.
  6. Now put 2 slices of Sharp Cheddar in the middle.
  7. Close sandwich.
  8. If the sandwich is not bigger than 3 inches you got a problem.
  9. Then put it in the microwave for 25 seconds.
  10. Pull out and enjoy.
  11. [essential step] Comment on The Awesomest Blog in the World Narwhals Digest.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Make a Paper Airplane

  1. First thing you need to do is get online to this step by step walkthrough on how to build a paper airplane.
  2. Then you get a piece of paper.
  3. You fold the paper in half hot dog style.
  4. Then you crease it against the fold you just made. 
  5. Next you open the folded piece of paper and fold one of the corners into the crease
  6. Then fold the other corner on directly opposite side of the crease.
  7. Then you fold it back in half hot dog style.
  8. Then you take the top of the paper down to the bottom.
  9. Do that to the opposite side as well.
  10. Then Throw.